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OER 101 A Guide to Open Educational Resources This online course begins 6/1/22 and ends 6/7/22
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GAAD 104 Accessible Content Authoring in Blackboard Webinar 5/19/22 starts at 2:00pm and ends 2:50pm
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GAAD 101 Accessible Content Authoring in Word Webinar 5/19/22 starts at 10:00am and ends 10:50am
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ACC 135 Accessible Image Descriptions This online course begins 7/7/22 and ends 7/13/22
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ACC 120 Accessible PowerPoint This online course begins 6/14/22 and ends 6/20/22
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ACC 131 Accessible Video: Captioning Your YouTube Videos This online course begins 7/14/22 and ends 7/19/22
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ACC 110 Accessible Word Documents This online course begins 6/2/22 and ends 6/8/22
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EPIC 100 Best Practices in Online Teaching This online course begins 6/7/22 and ends 7/22/22
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BBD 121 Blackboard Basics This online course begins 5/23/22 and ends 7/7/22
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LEA399 Capstone Leadership Project for Supervisors 6/29/2022 8:45 AM
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